LEV — EP2 (music production, art direction, 2017)

Concept band, 5-tracks EP, promotion music videos direction and visual identity.

In collaboration with G. Abatangelo, M. Fio, A. Pagnin, L. Rossi, and R. Raffin


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    LEV — EP2: First project here is a music piece, or better a concept band The main outcome is an EP in which the songs have been heavily affected

    by the making of its visuals, and viceversa, in the attempt of pursuing some sort of  Wagnerian Total Artwork in which performance, music production, promotion a representation are created simultaneously under the same art direction.



    website: http://lev-official.com/


    facebook: facebook.com/lev.something.official

    instagram:  @lev.something


    apple music: http://apple.co/2xAWxkn

    spotify: http://spoti.fi/2fC7oTZ