I am Tommaso Russo, I've been studying Arts, Music and Entertainment (DAMS) at Padova University, Industrial Design at IUAV and Communication Design In Central Saint Martins College, London.


I've been Radar Festival's Creative Director for a couple of years before everything went bananas, and before I've been jumping from a design studio to another for a while.


I can't find a right word to define what I do. Probably I should just write "communication designer", but it doesn't sound right so let's just say I am a spoiled child who did – at least once – each of the following things:


art direction, creative direction, communication design, film-making, curation, music production, radio production, sound design, film and tv production, UX, web design, film scoring, video editing, event planning, and graphic design.


I am currently employed as a teaching assistant at Central Saint Martins College in London for the communication design department.


Here's a full resume to download

and here's a complete list of minor projects and collaborations