Pratica / Cinica Guida di Orientamento agli Stage (publishing, 2012)

100-pages double-faced guide to internships and creative agencies

database as tools for BA Industrial Design students at IUAV University.


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    A mandatory internship as part of my BA Industrial Design Course, meant that I couldn’t graduate unless I spent at least 300 hours in a design studio or an agency, mastering my xerox skills as well as expressing my talent as a personal barista.


    Taking this experience to my advantage, I decided to make a guide book to help future students to go through this step smoothly – or at least help them learn from my mistakes. And thus began my  BA graduation project. In doing it, I wanted to provide all the information needed to find, attend and complete a successful internship, while triggering a more critical point of view about the design field.


    What resulted was a capsule packed with real world experiences, brutal honesty and hypocrisy one often encounters in 21st century’s creative agencies. This took form as a double-faced book, called Practical / Cynical Guide to Internships, with each side talking about one each aspect. The first filled with technical informations, bureaucracy standards,  and a joint web database with names, contacts, and reviews of all the studios that have hosted at least one IUAV student in their past. The other side is proudly filled with an essay about how the design world sucks, for the lack of a better word, and a lot of fabricated infographics to prove that.