Chez Nous, Donata Parruccini – Il Secondo Sguardo (publishing, 2012)

16-pages booklet dedicated to the work of Donata Parruccini, product designer.


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    Chez Nous is a student let design anthology that came to life as a result of interviewing product designers, who were invited by the IUAV university between 1995 and 2012. Each interview was interpreted into a 16 page booklet with a bespoke layout reflecting each individual’s design thinking.


    Part of the Communication Design Course at IUAV University of Venice, the section I curated and designed along with Giulia Tumaini and Leonardo Pertile, was dedicated to the work of Donata Parruccini. Donata, is a young Italian product designer, who then, specialised in designing small objects such as, paperclips, kitchen appliances and stationery tools - always trying to giving them a hidden feature visible only after a second glance.