All Lockers Must Be Emptied and Unlocked (exhibition, 2016)

Curation of the 2016 final degree show for the MA Communication Design Course in Central Saint Martins, London.


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    The MA Communication Design Students at Central Saint Martins have to challenge themselves in three public events that will happen through the 2-year path: a Work in Progress Show (exhibition), a Symposium (a series of keynotes made by the students about their research) and a Final Degree Show. In that order, students present their initial experimentations, their research and for the last one, a major outcome as a result of the first two.


    Within the course, a sub-team of students volunteer to curate all three events and develop collective concepts, brand identities and produce them. I was lucky enough to join the 2016 team and this exhibition, titled “All lockers must be emptied and unlocked” is just a small chunk of our work through the year. It played around a sign that is dutifully put up at the end of every academic year, as a reminder to get rid of the trash accumulated inside our lockers over the course of the year. We always end up with unexpected items that we don’t even remember storing, and then will need to decide whether to store them or take them away with you. This was the simple metaphor that formed the base of  the exhibition we curated at the end of the year: realising the unexpected outcomes and experiences we gained in two years, making some order and deciding what to keep or leave back, moving ahead.