Music for a Void / Watching Television Instead (sound art, research, 2016)

Two-piece installation for the 2016 Work in Progress Show

in Central Saint Martins College, London.


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    This is a two piece installation created for my Work In Progress Show in January 2016 at Central Saint Martins College of Art. We were supposed to present the first step of our research and experiments to the public. Warning : It is shamelessly conceptual and definitely more artsy than useful.


    The main piece was an old, analog portable TV in which the headphones output had been replaced with a hidden mp3 player output. The player delivered a musical composition entirely made by sampling white noises, giving the sense of a musical structure emerging by the the television void.


    The second piece was a visual translation of void music, which was a result of one of my first attempts at exploring music from a visual perspective.