Radar14 (creative direction, 2014)

Creative direction for Radar Festival’s 2014 edition, independent music festival in Padova

Edition's Headliners: Slowdive, Mount Kimbie, Calexico, Tycho and Lali Puna.


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    This is the identity I worked on during my second year as a creative director for Radar Festival. Gradients and Helvetica were so passe (check out Radar 13), and plain colours and Basic Commercial was the future.


    I pitched a yellow/red option as a first proposal. They weren't impressed.

    I did 76 different color options. They choose the first one.


    But none of this mattered, because the 2014 edition was the big one, the one that changed everything, the one that would finally put us on the map. Only 5 days in total, big names, 2 stages, a more European festival vibe, so everything had to be well coordinated, clean and institutional. Still understaffed though.


    Slowdive, Mount Kimbie, Calexico, Tycho, Lali Puna and Joan as Policewoman as headliners, and team of 5 video makers, graphic designers, photographers to be manage by me. What could possibly go wrong?"


    Let's just say there has been no Radar 2015.

    It wasn't my fault. I swear.